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When you go to #2h4family, you have access to ready-made graphics and texts for communication with employees and outside the company: for the media and the company’s contractors.

Take and use: press release, graphic materials with the theme of this year’s Campaign, social media graphics and content for employee emails. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for your celebration of this year’s Two Hours for Family, for Humanity campaign!!! 🙂


The content of the letters, that is, all the texts you need for internal and external communication:

We’ll be posting graphics, banners, and a poster for your communications, social media, and newsletters soon!


Press Information #2024

You will soon find press information about the #2h4family 2024 edition here. In the meantime, read our latest Press Material from the #2h4family recap, from the October 3, 2023 Conference.

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CONCEPTS & EVENTS How small, medium and large companies celebrate #2h4family:
examples of implementation from our competition: ideas, events, activities: DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION and get inspired!

Remember that:

  • Every year we provide you with ideas for companies and for employees, read the “Inspiration” and “How to Celebrate tabs.
  • We invite you and your employees to contests. There are contests for HR: “contest for action implementation” and for employees: for a motto for action in 2025. We will announce the contests in May!
  • How are other companies doing in preparing the action? See here.
  • We have also prepared the ASK ME game – a deck of cards with non-trivial questions that help you open up in conversation and get to know the other person from an unusual side. You can find more information here.


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  • Become a Partner of the action 2h4Family, cooperation offer: download file.
  • Become an Ambassador of the action – 2h4Family, Global Social Movement: download file.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Action Coordinator:

Katarzyna Lorenz


+48 505 017 957


The Two Hours for Family | Human movement is not the only venture of the Humanites Institute? Among our activities, you will also find an unconventional conference for women and business leaders, “Cohesive Leadership. Man and Technology.” Last year’s was devoted to quantum technologies and the issue of humanity. Want to know more? Download the report of the 9th Conference “Cohesive Leadership. Man and Technology”.