Family and Human Wellbeing Humanites Award 2023

A culture of feedback and appreciation, support for employees’ personal development, and opportunities to engage with society and nature are examples of practices appreciated by the chapter of the Humanites Institute’s Family and Human Wellbeing Humanites Award. After a thorough three-stage evaluation process, the jury selected the winners.

The winners of this year’s edition were:

  • in the category of small companies: E&C Consultants
  • in the category of medium-sized companies: Bibby Financial Services
  • in the large company category: Polpharma S.A.

In addition, the Jury decided to award 3 honorable mentions in each category to honor the exceptional activities of committed employers. Honorable mentions were given to:

  • Appsilon for “creating a Feedback Culture at the company (including: skip level 1-1 meetings).”
  • ETISOFT Sp. z o.o. for “transitioning from a three-shift mode to a two-shift mode, successfully combining technological transformation and concern for employee well-being.”
  • EY Poland for “supporting the development of young people from foster families.”
  • Global Lift Polska Sp. z o.o. for “supporting employees in caring for the elderly.”
  • Intrum Sp. z o.o. for “the INTRUM reactive wellbeing program (including 30 days without sugar, 40 days without…).”
  • Jamalex Sp. z o.o. for “the Oncoprotect pilot program of preventive oncological examinations (attendance rate of 67% of employees).”
  • KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. for “a program to develop parental skills and an exceptionally high level of paternity leave utilization.”
  • MMC GS Group Services Sp. z o.o. for “support programs for parents (including Parent Buddy Program).”
  • Santander Bank Polska S.A. for “an extensive range of interest clubs that widely and authentically engage the employee community.”

About the Competition
The Family Friendly Company/Human Wellbeing Humanites AWARD title is a unique award that rewards the multidimensional approach of business to social development. Employers, by shaping their employment policies, have a significant impact on the broad social ecosystem, which translates not only into the performance of companies, their level of innovation, commitment, but on the quality of health and life of people in general, emphasizes Zofia Dzik, CEO of the Humanites Institute – Human and Technology, which promoted in Poland the concept of “integration of professional and private roles” as an alternative to the previous notion of work-life balance, which implies competition between these spheres. We have one life in different roles, and the work culture in companies should make it possible to combine them. Because a happy person is simply also a more engaged employee, a better parent or member of society. This approach also translates holistically into people’s physical and mental health.

The four-stage process analyzed submissions from companies all over Poland, with a total of about 44,000 employees. Strategic approaches to employment policies and the development of employee well-being, solutions for flexible work arrangements that support the integration of family and work life, as well as support for employees without family obligations and those who care for the elderly were evaluated. In the final stage, employees themselves were also asked how they evaluated their employer’s actions and what they valued them for.

On the basis of over 1300 employee surveys and the materials collected, we can say that a Family and Human Friendly Company is first and foremost a cohesive company – where both superiors and subordinates agree on the conditions that prevail in the company, and the management adapts wellbeing solutions to the real needs of employees.

Presentation of awards and summary of the Competition
The award ceremony for the winners took place during the Humanites Institute’s 10th Conference “Cohesive Leadership. Humanity and Technology” – a unique event that brings together and at the same time broadens the perspective and outlook of business leaders on the topics of humanity and technology along with the accompanying changes in the market environment.

All participants in the Competition, including those who were not awarded, have received an individual report from the Humanites Institute with a summary of the employee opinion survey. In addition, the Institute’s team is working on preparing a Good Employer Practices Report based on the wellbeing strategies presented by the participants of this year’s Contest, which can serve all companies on the Polish market as an inspiration and a tool for shaping wise employment policies.

The strategic partner of the Competition is the Institute of Family Business.

Supporting partners are: Fundacja Liderek Biznesu, Great Place to Work, Konfederacja Lewiatan, LiderSHE, Sukces Pisany Szminką, THINKTANK, Vital Voices Poland,