Become TWO HOURS FOR FAMILY ambassador

We invite all companies to join the group of Ambassadors of the Two Hours for Family Movement.
Last year’s # 2h4family celebration spontaneously crossed the borders of Poland.
We have been to Kazakhstan, Germany and the Czech Republic, the USA and Israel.
We took the challenge to make the TWO HOURS FOR THE FAMILY campaign around the world.
We want to invite you – companies that have been with them for years – to this challenge and become the Ambassador of the Two Hours for Family Global Social Movement.

When we initiated # 2h4family in 2011, we ourselves did not fully realize what phenomena it is in a state of when. From the perspective of years, we can say that the idea of Two Hours has turned into a spontaneous Social Movement for conscious, deep relationships that take place in Polish families and in Polish companies. In terms of the system of counteracting social alienation and analysis for the emotional health of the society. Because what is better health than people who love and feel loved to give attention to others and also to attend.

We initiate You inspire
You probably know “Pay It Forward ” movie with Helen Hunt in the lead role about the boy who starts the chain of happiness? Every great idea starts with a person, their faith, commitment and the first move they make. We want to activate this potential and your power and reach as many companies and people in the world as possible. If your company is a branch/branch of a foreign company or you are a Polish company with branches abroad, SHARE our action.

It’s for free.

How to become #2h4family’s ambassador? It’s easy:
1. Look for people in your organization who are close to our values and who appreciate our Share.
2. Contact your foreign branches and recommend our Action to them. Tell us about how it is going in your company and what the employees, their families and your organization gain.
3. You can use our sample e-mail for contact – you can download it here.
4. We have included links in the sample e-mail to the presentation. It can also be downloaded from the website DOWNLOADS.
5. As you can notice for your comfort we have prepared the English version of the
6. We are happy to provide additional information:
7. Companies from outside Poland should register on the dedicated website
8. If your foreign branch joins the Campaign, we will be informed about it by writing to katarzyna.lorenz(at) and send us your logo, we will place it in the Action Ambassadors tab.

Two Hours For Family – we connect people.

Together, we can make the International Day of Families around the world gain a new dimension, it’s all because of Poland and people who believe that we can make the world happier by taking small steps.