The “Two Hours For Family” campaign has been held under the honorary patronage of former First Lady Anna Komorowska and the Ombudsman Mr. Marek Michalak

The 3rd edition of the “Two Hours for Family” campaign organized on the initiative of the Humanities Foundation under the honorary patronage of former First Lady Anna Komorowska, the Ombudsman for Children Marek Michalak and with the support of the United Nations. Once again, many companies and institutions encouraged their employees to hold important, inter-generational conversations about their dreams and gave them two hours off to spend that time on talking and simply being together with their families.

The slogan of the 3rd edition, as in the previous year, has been selected in a competition, which this time won Mrs. Joanna Pikiel. We cordially encourage you to talk about dreams – both the fulfilled and the unfulfilled, often secret, ones. The campaign aims at helping employees find out more about their family roots and through that, also about their identity. After all, relations and bonds are built by being together. We encourage you to reflect on a few questions: do we spend enough time with our friends and family? Is it a time truly spent together? Are we honest and open about what bothers us and we like? Do we know each other?

We are happy that the form of celebrating the Day of Families we proposed has become popular among so many companies, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. This only proves that employers are becoming more and more aware of the need to ensure a healthy work-life balance of their employees – says Zofia Dzik, President of the Foundation.

A few hundred Polish and international companies, both large groups of companies and public institutions, took part in the campaign.

    Here are some conversation ideas for the International Day of Families (and not only):

  • Every family member tries to finish the following sentence: “When I was a child my biggest dream was…”
  • Continuing the conversation about your biggest childhood dream, say to what extent you have managed to fulfill it.
  • How much is your current job or passion related to your childhood dreams? Or are you perhaps still planning to go back to certain things of which you dreamt of as a child or teenager?
  • Talk about the emotions that accompanied you while you were fulfilling your dreams.
  • Together with your children prepare (or perhaps also record) an interview with a grandma, grandpa, or perhaps other relative, on the dreams of their childhood and now.
  • Did you keep a diary or a notebook with gold thoughts? If yes, try to find it and read your notes together.
  • Together with your family, compare your dreams – the dreams of three generations. Invite grandparents, aunts and uncles to join the conversation about memories and comparing.
  • What were your dream holidays, did you manage to spend such holidays?
  • Plan a day on which your family dreams – the intangible ones – come true.
  • Are you still a dreamer? What are your dreams now? Ask your parents/grandparents.
  • Did anyone help you fulfill your dreams? Who was it? How did that person help you fulfill your dreams?
  • Did you dream about a specific object or toy when you were a child?
  • Together make a check list of family dreams to be fulfilled this year. Let everyone make a list of 5 dreams for the next 10 years.