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Passions through Generations!

Human being is a multi-dimensional being. He has a physical, mental, spiritual, emotional sphere. At the social level, he takes on a variety of roles. He is a father/mother, daughter/son, sister/brother, grandmother/grandfather, worker, voter, citizen, taxpayer. A doctor, teacher, priest, politician, salesman, businessman, CEO, board member Human identity is built on a number of things, and there is one especially beautiful element between them. These are passions.


Everything which brings together:

Bridges instead of barriers, a longer table instead of tighter boundaries – at the Humanites Institute we appreciate everything that brings a sense of community. Last year, we considered that “Passions through generations” was the perfect motto for the Two Hours for Family | for Human campaign, so we decided to award its author Aleksandra Tokarzewska and take it as the motto for this year’s edition. We thought of all those wonderful friendships made through shared passions: a love of the same music, books, collecting favorite items, running with friends, seeing each other on mountain hikes or bike marathons, walking with our pets, cooking together, having dance classes… There is no doubt that realizing a passion is a great way to spend two extra hours off. And it’s even better when we do it together with family and/or friends.

What is your passion?
One of us, professionally working in marketing, in her free time tinkers together with her husband. Together they renovated an camper for traveling together. And another, who is known as Mrs. CEO by day, seeks rest whenever she can, exploring deserts. Still another earns money as a journalist and copywriter, but as soon as autumn comes, she picks mushrooms in Polish forests with her entire four-generation family. We are also not unfamiliar with musical passions. A colleague who struggles with the ethical challenges of technology faces an electric guitar after hours. Sometimes he screws up the volume to encourage the household to sing at the Christmas table.

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Join #2h4family: it’s very easy!

Print form “A”, attach to it 3 photos and shoe sizes of all employed, bring to window “C”… STOP 😉 Joining the #2h4family campaign is, fortunately, very easy 😊

Join us!


  • FIRST –Inform the Board of Directors, Departments: HR, CSR, ESG and register your company by May 15, by completing out this form.


  • SECOND – On May 15, encourage Employees to spend time together with their families..Inspire them: take ready-to-use materials from our website, you can find them here.


  • THIRD – give the people in your Team two hours offto spend time with their families. This is not obligatory, but more than 90% of participating companies do it. We suggest doing it around May 15 on International Day of Families. While the choice is yours, equally good dates are “Children’s Day”, the First Day of School. You can also arrange with each person separately when they will receive their #2h4family.


  • FOURTH – Celebrate around May 15! Create rituals of closeness to be closer at home and at work! Prepare team-building activities for your Team, design them to be inclusive for Employee Families as well. You can find inspiration and ready-made ideas here and here.And that’s the END!

The rest of the program points are optional, though highly encouraged!


  • PO FIFTH – encourage your Team to participate in our competitions with prizes. Information about them coming soon here and here.


  • SIXTH – give us a report on how your Company celebrated 2h4family. We will award the most interesting realizations! See last year’s winners of the competition for the implementation of the Two Hours for Family | for Human campaign: here.


  • SEVENTH – invite partners, contractors foreign branches of the company to join the campaign. In this way you will become an Ambassador of #2h4family!

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Join us and build with us a Creative Impact and Positive Change in the Style of Work and Life! To be together, not apart at home and at work!


Do you know that companies from 59 countries are participating in the #24family campaign? This means that our campaign is celebrated in every third country in the world! Thousands of companies, that is, millions of employees with their families, take part in the campaign.

Prefer a tip on how to prepare the action in a picture version? Here it is:

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See how we celebrated the global success of our campaign in September 2022 with the business community: here.

How to celebrate

As individuals who make up society, we are finding ourselves further and further from each other. The pandemic has widened the distance between people, the prevalence of remote work has meant that some of us don’t need to meet colleagues on a daily basis. Some time ago, researchers at the University of Chicago conducted a study showing that people who have a high subjective sense of loneliness sit and stand a little further away from their family and friends than people who don’t feel lonely.

If we keep going like this, we’ll get further and further away from each other. It is worth taking remedial steps – let’s try to get closer to our loved ones. Here we want to inspire you on how to do it.

Passions through Generations!
How about painting? Draw together with your Children. Draw the Ideal World – in the process you will learn how they imagine it.

How about cooking? Folk wisdom says that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – eating meals prepared together is a great bonding experience.

Passions can range from conquering eight-thousand-meter peaks to collecting mugs with kittens. if you include your loved ones or join in their passions yourself, you will discover a whole new dimension of being with each other.
Be with each other at least on International Day of Families, May 15. And best of all – be with each other regularly. You will see for yourself how great it is for the quality of life.

We will be asking this year’s Ambassadors of the campaign about their passions, who will it be? That’s a surprise for now!

Reach for art, visit a museum! See a movie together!

There are different definitions of artistic activity, but most people are more likely to agree with the statement that when we interact with art, we get to know the world through the prism of the artist’s sensibility. Why not do it with the people who are closest to us?
Go to the cinema or theater, visit a museum, listen to music together. Even a series on Netflix would be a good choice. The most important thing is that you experience it TOGETHER. Exchange your experiences later.

Maybe your Dad will identify with one of the TV series characters, Mom has never heard a better rendition of Chopin’s mazurkas and Grandma will discover that she is a fan of Tamara Lempicka’s paintings? Check it out! If you are running out of ideas, use our recommendations: here.

How to start a good conversation? 

Talk about your dreams and passions: what will you ask a fairy to do? How about your mother? What superpower would you like to wake up with tomorrow? Do you have a common family passion? Has it been in your family for generations? Do you know your grandfather’s childhood passion? What did your grandmother collect when she was in elementary school? Ask them about it!

Nothing connects like memories! Reminisce together: what did you most enjoy playing with your parents or grandparents when you were little? What was an unforgettable childhood treat – what was it? And for your parents/grandparents?

Much has already been said about the positive effect of laughter on health and psyche, so use the shared moments for laughter. Tell each other what was the best prank you did to someone? Ask family members about the strangest thing they’ve ever eaten, or the funniest blunder they’ve faced. Talk about what reliably makes you smile?

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Discover the homo ludens in you!Dutch philosopher Johan Huizinga ruled that one of the qualities that distinguish humans from other animals is the need and ability for selfless play. He called this observation the concept of homo ludens, or, translating from Latin – a man who plays. We encourage you to play games together and recommend those that work exceptionally well for bonding!

Recommended collaborative games:

DIXIT – this beautiful and simple card game was created by Jean Louis Roubir, a French doctor working with young people experiencing difficulties in a school environment. It turned out that by having beautiful cards with fairy-tale images and coming up with associations to them, they were able to get to know each other better and learn non-violent communication. What is sitting in the unconscious of your Parents, Friends, Colleagues? Play with them and find out.

TABU – is also a game of associations. You get a word that you have to present to the rest of the team (e.g. “cat”) and a set of words that you can’t use with it (e.g. “animal”, “dog”, “milk”, “meow”, “mouse”). If the team guesses, and you don’t make a mistake and break any taboos, you gain points. It is not unlikely that during the game you will hear the thunderous laughter of the most gloomy member of your Family😊

ASK ME – created by the Humanites Institute, this game contains cards with sets of questions that will help you get to know your family or group of friends better. Do you think you know everything about them? And do you know what cartoon character is the most inspiring to your Mom, what it means to your Dad to be a happy and fulfilled person, what life failure turned out well for your Grandmother? Reach for the ASK ME cards and discover the secrets of the people you think you know very well!!

These are our suggestions, but as long as there are good intentions, all you have to do is dig out of the attic an old ludo board, or take out the cards and play the well-known thousand or Macau. Have fun!

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Get out in the fresh air, move around together:
A walk together in a nearby forest is just as good as a regular jogging with your closest people. Do you have a dog? Why not take him for a walk all together once a week – he’ll be delighted. A visit to an aqua park, a climbing wall or a bowling alley can also be a joint activity. It’s good for health and good for bonding..


Your Team already knows that it will celebrate #2h4family this year. You’ve registered using our form and are starting to think about what activities you want to implement as part of the campaign. Are you looking for hints? You’ve come to the right place – here they are!!

How do others do it? Does Humanites provide materials for you to use? What additional activities await teams that have joined the program?

This year’s motto: “Passions through Generations”

gives a lot of room for creative minds. We encourage your Team to come up with its own individual way to participate in the action, for example:

  • Contest – present “your passions”?
  • Picnic?
  • A family outdoor game?
  • A company fundraiser for an animal shelter? A
  • series of webinars on parenting for employees?
  • The sky is the limit! And budget😉

You can find more examples of the implementation of the campaign by small and large companies from different sectors HERE


The sky is the limit, so others are doing it like THIS:

The most common activity of choice are contests for employees. Mostly they start from the motto accompanying the year. Here are examples:

  • “Small and big family trips?” – Those who designed their own postcards of their favorite places in Poland were rewarded.
  • “Generational movie club?” – Employees competed on dishes inspired by their favorite movies!

Prizes included company gadgets, and if the budget allowed – gifts that prompted joint family activities – tickets to an aqua park, a cinema, or an amusement park.

Excellent prizes would also be ASK ME cards created by the Humanites Institute!

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Every year we release a new edition of cards that will work perfectly as a tool for deepening interpersonal relationships. They can be played within the family or other people close to each other, also during team-building activities at work. They contain sets of questions, loosely inspired by this year’s theme, so that players can get to know each other’s experiences, dreams, and plans better. It’s best to collect them all! Or choose the ones that appeal to you the most – with a theme from the latest edition?
A movie theme? A travel theme? The cards are bricks with which you can support the annual organization of our action. Pack price 33/pc, see in store.

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GRAPHICS – downloadable, ready-made materials for HR and marketing:

Each year we prepare them with the current motto in mind. We provide an A4 poster, graphics for use on social media and banners of various sizes. Graphics – download here. We recommend sending an email/letter with information about the campaign to the people you hire. If you are looking for inspiration, we have prepared a draft letter, you can find it here. There is nothing to prevent your Team from preparing such a letter yourself, or to have it written personally by the Team leader.

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Every year we prepare a contest for your employees. You can win valuable prizes in it. Together with those who participate, we are looking for the motto of next year’s campaign. Encourage those who are employed to participate and follow our Facebook and Instagram profile – we will announce the next edition in May. In the previous edition, you could win a KROSS bicycle, a luxury family stay at the Bukovina Hotel, Storck Sweets… and much more!

Last year we also held an additional contest. We asked you what is most important in relationships. The main prize – a high-end smartphone – was sponsored by Orange. This year we will repeat this activity!

We also have something especially for your Team!

You may, of course, enter the program with caution. We understand and respect that! However, we encourage you to do it with a bang. Every year we reward the team that puts the most heart into the action!

Did you like it?

You can recommend us further. Encourage your friends from other companies to join #2h4family. Introduce your decision-makers to the possibility of becoming our Partner.


please contact us by email: katarzyna.lorenz(at)humanites.pl



ASK ME Cards. Ask me and I’ll ask you!

These are different every year, but you can buy the ones from previous years, too. They cost PLN 33 per pack. They are created by your Employees too because every edition of #2h4family we have a competition for the motto of the next year’s campaign. The content of the next pack is inspired by this theme..

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Order ASK ME cards

ASK ME cards contain unconventional questions that you may never have asked your Family and Friends. However, the answers may surprise you greatly. It’s a tool for cross-generational integration at home and at work!

  • What memories do you have of your first ever private party?
  • What is your favorite song? How about your grandmother’s song?
  • What was the name of the first pet you took care of??

These are just examples of questions that teach you curiosity, cooperation, listening. You will find more in ASK ME boxes, which are not only a great way to spend time together, but also an ideal gift for your Employees.

How many pieces do I need?
We encourage you to order cards of several – a dozen pieces for your company to give as gifts to your employees. Some companies buy cards for all employees. Contact us: katarzyna.lorenz(at)humanites.pl


English edition
The cards come in an English edition. Give them to your English-speaking employees, offer the game to your company’s foreign branch, or use them to communicate in English or teach English to your family.


Watch the movie how to play:


Choose ASK ME card edition

Play ASK ME cards!!



Joining #2h4family, you don’t have to invent the wheel all over again! Every year we prepare graphic materials with the motive of this year’s “Two Hours for Family/Human” Action. Among them you will find posters, banners, graphics for social media or proposals for letters, emails to employees.

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Press Release #2023

  • Press Material I: With_passions_across_generations”
    Do people share their interests with their loved ones? Work and life with meaning. 12th edition of “Two Hours for the Family | for Man” – DOWNLOAD THE FILE
  • Press Material II: Stay_ahead_of_ESG_trends
    Social innovation from Poland globally counteracts the phenomenon of loneliness, gives meaning to work by engaging employees from every third country in the world! The 12th final of “Two Hours for Family / for Man” on May 15! – DOWNLOAD THE FILE

Downloadable materials

Letter content:

Graphics, banners and poster:


TIPS&TRICKS How small, medium and large companies celebrate #2h4family:
examples of implementation from our competition: ideas, events, activities: HERE

Do you like our campaign??
Join the group of our Ambassadors and Partners – welcome!

  • Become a Partner of the action 2h4Family,
  • Become an Ambassador of the action – 2h4Family, Global Social Movement
    cooperation offer: download file 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!!

Campaign Coordinator:
Katarzyna Lorenz




#2h4family to sprawdzony od 11 lat pomysł Humanites, na zbliżanie ludzi w pracy i w rodzinach, budujący wysoką kulturę pracy i zaangażowania. To propagowanie kultury dobrostanu, w której biznes realizuje swoje cele, a ludzie odnajdują sens!

15 maja – Międzynarodowy Dzień Rodzin – to doskonała okazja, aby na chwilę zatrzymać się i zastanowić, kiedy po raz ostatni dowiedzieliście się czegoś nowego o swoich bliskich. Taka idea przyświeca globalnemu ruchowi społecznemu Dwie Godziny dla Rodziny. Głęboko wierzymy w to, że ciekawość, uważność i dobre rozmowy są tym, co tworzy prawdziwe, autentyczne więzi. Zachęcamy więc Was, abyście wsparli w tym Waszych pracowników i podarowali im symboliczne dwie godziny, które oni przeznaczą na magiczny czas z najbliższymi.

Oto jak się włączyć w naszą akcję:

  • Zarejestrujcie firmę, do 15 maja: Formularz rejestracji
  • Skrócenie dnia pracy o symboliczne „Dwie Godziny”. Zastanówcie się nad podarowaniem tych dwóch godzin 15 maja lub w innym korespondującym z tą datą terminie. To nie jest obowiązkowe, choć 90% pracodawców skraca ten dzień. Wiele firm przekłada celebrowanie przysłowiowych 2 godzin na inne „rodzinne” dni, są to to na przykład: 1 września albo 1 czerwca. Często też inny „elastyczny” termin wynika ze specyfiki działania organizacji.
  • Namówcie Wasz Zespół do spędzenia tego czasu z bliskimi i to najlepiej międzypokoleniowo! Głównym celem #2h4family jest zainspirowanie Państwa i Państwa pracowników, aby ten dzień zadedykować dobrej rozmowie, wspomnieniom, poznawaniu się czy wspólnym poszukiwaniu tożsamości swojej Rodziny. Ten czas służy wzmacnianiu międzypokoleniowych więzi w rodzinach, w środowisku pracy, w naszym najbliższym społecznym otoczeniu.
  • Skorzystajcie z gotowych inspiracji, pomysłów i materiałów w zakładkach: Do pobrania, Jak celebrować.
  • Prześlijcie nam informację o sposobie realizacji kampanii w Waszej firmie: zdjęcia, przykłady pomysłów i aktywności, którymi Państwo wzbogaciliście świętowanie.

W ten sposób Wy, jako Pracodawca, Dział HR wspieracie pracowników w łączeniu ról zawodowych i prywatnych: budując kulturę, w której zatrudniamy człowieka, widząc go niego holistycznie, a nie tylko jako pracownika.

Dodatkowe elementy akcji #2h4Family to:

  • Udział w konkursach: dla Pracodawców i Pracowników – będą ogłaszane na stronie i na naszych kanałach w mediach społecznych: FB 2h4family, FB undacjahumanites
  • Zakup kart ASKME – to rodzinna lub zespołowa zabawa, w której doświadczamy współpracy i radości. Budujemy relacje i dzielimy się doświadczeniem. Pytania sprawiają, że odkrywamy na nowo, otwieramy się, zbliżamy się do siebie. Karty inspirują do ciekawych rozmów.
    Karty są „cegiełkami” na kolejną edycję akcji

Jesteśmy dumni, że na przestrzeni ostatnich lat nasze działania wsparło wiele znakomitych osobowości. W naszą akcję zaangażowali się między innymi: Andrzej Seweryn, Roma Gąsiorowska, i Kamil Stoch, Stanisław Sojka, Profesor Jerzy Bralczyk czy niezwykła DJ Wika. Ze wzruszeniem wspominamy także wsparcie, którego nam udzielił kilka lat temu Pan Zbigniew Wodecki.

Akcja Dwie Godziny dla Rodziny jest bardzo ceniona przez pracowników! pojawia się w top 10 benefitów wskazywanych w ogólnopolskich badaniach satysfakcji pracowników. Kampania nie tylko wzmacnia rodziny i zespoły w firmach, ma także pozytywny wpływ na zdrowie psychiczne i emocjonalne ludzi, a w efekcie działa na całe społeczeństwo.

W ostatnich latach #2h4family zmienia się w Globalny Ruch Społeczny na Rzecz Bliskości! Uczestniczy w niej już ponad milion pracowników, 1100 firm z 18 krajów.