“Music is the best language to move people’s hearts all over the world” – Jimmy Page

For five years it has been conducted, the “Two Hours for the Family” Campaign has become for many companies a symbol expressing how important the satisfactory family life of their employees is for them. The celebrations of the International Day of Families we had initiated have become an opportunity to reflect on the quality of our relationships with those closest to us. Creating a ritual of good conversations without looking at the watch and without thinking about the multitude of duties, we create beautiful moments. In those moments we are not just a mum, a dad, a child, a grandma, or a grandpa, we are persons who get to know one another better, strengthen their bonds and friendships, and get even closer to one another.

Dawid Crossby, an American musician, said: “Music is something extraordinary. It shows what people we are, it expresses what we really want to say, it shows what we feel, but most of all music opens our souls and helps understand certain things and look at them with optimism”.

Zbigniew Wodecki, Stanisław Sojka, MEZO, DJ Wika told us about their memories and musical fascinations. Films with their participation are available on our social media channels.

In this edition we invited the music to sound in our homes. We encouraged conversations about favourite musicians, hits, best concerts. We invited people to join in singing, listening and talking – good fun – within families, but also in companies!

    Below, we are presenting a list of ideas and questions for time spent together with the family:

  1. Each Family Member tries to expand the sentence: “For me music is like…”
  2. What song was your number 1 last year, and which one is timeless?
  3. To what concert did you go for the first time? And do you know to what concert your parents, grandparents went? To what concert did you take your children or grandchildren?
  4. Did you play an instrument? Which? Who in your family is a musician? What were the beginnings of making music?
  5. Do you sing in the car, and if so –what? Do you have a hit from your travels?
  6. Did you/do you have a band? What is its name? Tell everyone about what music you played/play. And maybe you have some recordings – listen together.
  7. Your favourite singer, band. And favourite singers of your family members?
  8. Posters of which musicians hanged in your parents’ bedrooms when they were teenagers?
  9. Which of Polish festivals do you believe to be the best? What festivals do your parents, grandparents remember?
  10. Create together a family hit charts. Select 20 songs and then vote on them, awarding them points.
  11. What music do you listen to when you are sad?
  12. And what music always puts you in a great mood?
  13. Organise home karaoke.