Big dreams bring generations together

Everything great that human beings have created first lived in their dreams. If it weren’t for them, there would probably be no pyramids, no electricity, no steam engine, no wars and no artificial intelligence. Great dreams can be both wonderful and terrifying. But there is no denying that they are the engine of human reality. The great power of dreams is that they connect people, generations and worlds.

First there is the dream, then the first domino cube falls

Mahatma Ghandi said the famous phrase “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” As we know from history, he was quite successful in promoting pacifism as a means of social pressure. The dream of overcoming the evils of this world with kindness and love sounds utopian, yet he succeeded. Every emancipator and every revolutionary, every outstanding researcher and every great inventor, always have a dream at the beginning: of a just world, of understanding how it works, of breaking human limitations.

The Humanites Institute was also born out of a dream – to break the crisis of ties and win against the epidemic of loneliness, to make business friendly to people, families and the environment. In the steps we take to realize this dream, we are inspired by the lives and attitudes of important figures from the past and the observation of everyday heroes; we use their experiences to influence our reality in the wisest way possible.


It is this very slogan that will guide the next, happily thirteenth edition of the Two Hours for Family / For Man campaign in 2024. We thank the winner of the #2h4family theme contest, Ms. Grażyna Mierzejewska, for creating this beautiful phrase.

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And what is your shared dream?

In many companies and organizations, workshops are held to help supervisors and the team define the mission and vision of the institution. This is done both to define the purpose of the company and to find meaning in daily work, but also to be able to effectively tell the whole world about the organization and its activities.


Although dreams and mission and vision are not the same concepts, they consist of the same essence: what you want for yourself and the world. As an individual, as a company.


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How about you? And the Individuals in your Company?

Do you know what the dreams of those working at your Company are? If you don’t already, this year’s edition of #2h4family may be the perfect opportunity to find out. Who knows, you may find that you share many dreams, and talking about them and working together toward their realization will bring your team together and make work better.

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Do you know that the aim of the Action is to remind people of the role and values of building interpersonal relationships, closeness to others and nurturing family ties.


We believe that through the social change that we inspire, we are able to fight the phenomenon of loneliness, which, according to many studies, leads to a deterioration of quality of life, many diseases (including depression) and, unfortunately, often to premature death*.


We believe that from good interpersonal relationships, meaning those in which we are accepted and loved, comes a lot of happiness and a sense of meaning.

*Report “The Global Risks Report 2019.” – World Economic Forum (loneliness next to climate catastrophe identified as one of the biggest threats to the world today)

The campaign is aimed at companies and institutions that address our message further to their employees. Companies, on the occasion of participation in the campaign, organize activities related to relationships and well-being (visits to children at work, lectures, trainings, competitions, integrations, trips). The symbol#2h4family/ #2h4human is the two hours that the vast majority of employers offer their employees as time off work. This gives employees an additional opportunity to take care of themselves, their loved ones and nurture relationships that are important to them. The action culminates on May 15 (International Family Day), and on this day the activities of the action participants intensify.

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We observe how our action over the years strengthens families and teams in companies and has a positive impact on people’s mental and emotional health. It also influences the organizational culture in companies and makes it more family-oriented and pro-human.

The #2h4family #2h4human has been running continuously since 2012, and so far more than 3 million people from more than 2000 companies, from 59 countries, have participated.

We wish you many moments spent together nurturing relationships, preferably intergenerational!

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Did you know?

According to the report “Well-Working. Family Responsibility of Business” 2022, prepared by the Humanites Institute, 93 percent of those surveyed feel pressure to prioritize work over private life.

Is there room for private dreams in such a reality? Together, we can change this by making workplaces more family-, people- and dream-friendly.

Download the abbreviated report “Well-Working. Family Responsibility of Business” 2022

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