How to celebrate?

We are facing great challenges today: climate catastrophe, socioeconomic inequality, wars. Technological advances, the result of the work of many dreamers and dreamers, may be the answer to many of the aforementioned challenges. But how do we adapt technology to serve us? What is technology unable to replace?


We are hearing more and more about new applications for artificial intelligence. Logistics, manufacturing, transportation, copywriting, marketing are just a selection of industries in which this technology is increasingly used. But are there areas where humans are irreplaceable?

The most important of these seems to be relationships. They are the ones that, despite the many tools that facilitate communication, are the area where we are the center. Relationships will always depend predominantly on us, on our desires, involvement, experiences.

The second aspect, which from our perspective is also extremely important, is what at the level of the company or organization we call mission and vision, and at the level of the individual – dreams. The key word here is desire, or the deep desire for something, both for oneself and for others. Desire is the inner power that pushes us to realize our dreams

These two aspects of humanity came together this year in the 13th edition of the #2h4family action .

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Big dreams bring generations together!

A frank conversation about dreams can be a great starting point for building and deepening relationships. Below we give you some inspiration on how to approach this topic with your loved ones.

  • Ask your loved ones what their biggest, however small, dream is at the moment. To eat an apple pie like Grandma makes? Take a walk in the mountains? Watch the sunrise?  Later, you will realize your little dreams together!
  • What did you dream about as children? What do your children or loved ones dream about? Talk about your dreams and how they are affected by the times you live in.
  • Draw a map of the World of Your Dreams together with your loved ones. What can’t be missing on it?
  • Find out, secretly, what are the dreams of those closest to you. If you are able to realize any of them, surprise them!

We all dream. Some of us about an empathetic and just world, others about a big serving of ice cream. Many of our dreams are shared with other people. If you find that you and your loved ones have similar dreams, realizing them can be a great opportunity to spend time together. Try to dream together on May 15, International Day of Families. And best of all – share your dreams with each other regularly. You’ll see for yourself how great it is for the quality of life.

How to start a good conversation? 

Talk about your dreams and passions:

  • What superpower would you like to wake up with tomorrow?
  • Do you have a common family passion? Has it been in your family for generations?
  • Do you know your grandfather’s passion from your childhood?
  • What did your grandmother collect when she was in elementary school? Or do you passionately collect any items?
  • What do you think the phrase “to infect with passion” means? Do you know people who infect you with passion (at school, at work)? Or are you able to infect yourself? Tell us what it takes to infect people with passion.
  • A joyful party for many people, or a quiet conversation until the morning with a person close to you? Justify your choice.
  • What would you ask a goldfish to do? How about your mother? Ask your loved ones about their passions and dreams!
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ASK ME created by the Humanites Institute, this game contains cards with sets of questions that will help you get to know your family or group of friends better. Do you think you know everything about them? And do you know what cartoon character is the most inspiring to your Mom, what it means to your Dad to be a happy and fulfilled person, what life failure turned out well for your Grandmother? Reach for the ASK ME cards and discover the secrets of the people you think you know very well!

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