We have collected frequently asked questions here:

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I have a problem with the registration form. What should I do?

  • Please send an e-mail to katarzyna.lorenz(at)humanites.pl and biuro(at)humanites.pl. In the e-mail, please describe the problem, because we need to find out what the exact problem is and investigate its cause:
    1. in which of the registration forms an error/problem appears: “We want to take part for the first time” or “We took part in previous editions”??
    2. What exactly happens when an error/problem occurs in the registration form? – please give us a short description
    3. Is there a message or no message at all when this problem occurs?
    4. Does the error/problem happen in a specific item on the form? If yes, please tell us: in which one and what kind of error (e.g., a message appears or other problem).
    5. Alternatively, please send us a screenshot of your browser.
  • Thank you very much for the above information!
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Do I have to shorten the workday on May 15th by 2 hours?

  • it is not obligatory to join the action, although 90% of employers shorten this day or another day by these 2 hours,
  • Above all, we encourage you to make the International Day of Families a day to reflect on the quality of your relationships with your loved ones. Let’s stop for this moment and look at ourselves and our families. Let’s ask ourselves: When did I last learn something new about my loved ones? When did we last do something together?
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This year May 15th falls on a Sunday.

  • We suggest that you shorten your workday, e.g., by two hours on Friday, May 13th, thus extending the “For the Family/ For the Man” weekend.
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Is it possible to celebrate the International Day of Families on another day?

  • Many companies postpone the celebration of the proverbial 2 hours to other “family” days, such as September 1st or June 1st: September 1st or June 1st. Other “flexible” dates often result from the specifics of the organization’s activity.
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What if my employees don’t have families?

  • Globally, the Two Family, Two Hour Family campaign counteracts the crisis in relationships and has a preventive effect on our mental and emotional health,
  • is a symbol of work-life integration according to the slogan: “We have one life in many roles.”
  • Each of us has a grandmother, grandfather, parent or cousin, or just a close person. Let this day be a day of reflection on closeness, bonds, and emotions.