Joining #2h4family, you don’t have to invent the wheel all over again! Every year we prepare graphic materials with the motive of this year’s “Two Hours for Family/Human” Action. Among them you will find posters, banners, graphics for social media or proposals for letters, emails to employees.

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Press Release #2023

  • Press Material I: With_passions_across_generations”
    Do people share their interests with their loved ones? Work and life with meaning. 12th edition of “Two Hours for the Family | for Man” – DOWNLOAD THE FILE
  • Press Material II: Stay_ahead_of_ESG_trends
    Social innovation from Poland globally counteracts the phenomenon of loneliness, gives meaning to work by engaging employees from every third country in the world! The 12th final of “Two Hours for Family / for Man” on May 15! – DOWNLOAD THE FILE

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TIPS&TRICKS How small, medium and large companies celebrate #2h4family:
examples of implementation from our competition: ideas, events, activities: HERE

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