ASK ME Cards. Ask me and I'll ask you!

These are different every year, but you can buy the ones from previous years, too. They cost PLN 33 per pack. They are created by your Employees too because every edition of #2h4family we have a competition for the motto of the next year’s campaign. The content of the next pack is inspired by this theme..

Zdjęcie na środku

ASK ME cards contain unconventional questions that you may never have asked your Family and Friends. However, the answers may surprise you greatly. It’s a tool for cross-generational integration at home and at work!

  • What memories do you have of your first ever private party?
  • What is your favorite song? How about your grandmother’s song?
  • What was the name of the first pet you took care of??

These are just examples of questions that teach you curiosity, cooperation, listening. You will find more in ASK ME boxes, which are not only a great way to spend time together, but also an ideal gift for your Employees.

How many pieces do I need?
We encourage you to order cards of several – a dozen pieces for your company to give as gifts to your employees. Some companies buy cards for all employees. Contact us: katarzyna.lorenz(at)


English edition
The cards come in an English edition. Give them to your English-speaking employees, offer the game to your company’s foreign branch, or use them to communicate in English or teach English to your family.


Watch the movie how to play: