Social Partnership

Become a Partner of the Two Hours for Family Campaign 2018

The measure of real success in life is both the company’s result and the quality of life of the people making the result.


Important social goals can’t be achieved without cooperation. Therefore, we cordially invite you to co-create with us an international movement for deep relationships.

We believe that business is the key force of social change, which is why the “Two Hours for Family” campaign is directed to Employers, and through them to their employees along with their families.

The campaign has existed for seven years in Poland, its scale is growing year by year, it spontaneously crossed the Polish borders last year and has the potential to become an International Social Campaign.

We invite companies that are close to the idea of ​​campaign, to join the ranks of Partners and create with us an international social movement that brings people together.

If the ambition of your company is to achieve financial success, as well as successes in matters of social involvement, spontaneous charity initiatives and individual events are not enough. You have to be able to look at society from the perspective of the next 50 – 100 years.

Read our cooperation proposal. Contact us and join the group of companies that measure their success both in terms of financial results and social impact (click on the graphic below).