Hacky Sack

You can play Hacky Sack anywhere: at the bus stop, school corridor, and even at home. For several decades, this simple fun attracts with its availability and low budget requirements.

You can play anywhere in the house, in the yard, at school.

Until boredom or soreness

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Hacky Sack – a rag ball filled with sand, pea or rice

Game rules:
You can play alone – practicing Hacky Sack.
From the top of the foot, we throw the ball up and we also catch the foot. If we have companions to play, we can compete in the competition “who will rise more times” or standing in a circle to reject the Hacky Sack to each other – so that it does not fall to the ground. The player who will not accept Hacky Sack, because he will fall to the ground, falls away (another version gets a penalty point). The winner is the one who is the last to stay in the circle (or has the least amount of penalty points).
If there are more players and space, you can arrange a pitch – mark two goals at opposite ends and raise Hacky Sack to the goal of the opponent to score a goal.