Pavement, asphalt, pitch, flat ground

It depends on how many participants are playing

At least two, you can also train individually

Chalk for drawing on the pavement, or stick on the ground, throwing pebble

Game rules:
We draw the shape of classes on the ground. The game consists of going through eight classes.

The player throws a pebble on the first field – class, stands on one leg, jumps into the field, raises the pebble, jumps the rest of the fields and jumps out, thus trying to complete all eight squares. In the place where the classes are next to each other one jumps on both sides, both on the way to the destination and on the way back. The top jumps up, performs rotation in the air and jumps back. If the player tempts, the next person begins the queue.

The next round: we do not start from the beginning, but from the field where we failed.

„Skucha”/fail is throwing a pebble on an inadequate field, or on a rope, not losing one leg or snapping on a rope.

The winner is the one who first pops up the entire eight classes.