Humanites Institute invites Employers to the largest Polish wellbeing campaign for companies and organizations!


The crisis of loneliness, the wave of depression, the development of artificial intelligence… do you wonder how to motivate employees and retain talent in the company? This May will see the 13th edition of the “HumanBE – Two Hours for Family/for Human” campaign, organized by the Humanites Institute – Human and Technology. The aim of the action is to counteract the crisis of ties and the phenomenon of loneliness. To join inspiried by our Foundation movement for Great Social Change in work culture and lifestyle register your company or organization now! In addition to registration, a crucial condition for participation in the #HumanBE #2h4family action is a commitment by the Employer to inspire its employees to spend quality time with loved ones: on good conversation, preferably intergenerational. 


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New visual layer in our materials


New graphic materials can now be downloaded from our website! This year, the element “HumanBE” has been added to the name of our campaign, because our goal for several years now has been Human that is aware, introspective, proactive, socially sensitive, and curious about people. Due to the increasingly international dimension of the campaign, we have set our sights on this universal element, which will be understood in many languages. More than 3,000 companies from 59 countries around the world have joined the movement for closeness and the Great Social Shift in work culture and lifestyle, which originated in Poland. Our action to this point has had a positive impact on the milions of employees of these companies and their loved ones.


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A new edition of the ASK ME Cards!


We have also refreshed the illustration accompanying the campaign. The new logo and illustration are present in the latest edition of ASK ME cards and on all 2024 campaign creations. Remember, when you enter #HumanBE #2h4family, you have access to ready-made graphics and texts for communication with employees and outside the company: for media and company contractors. The author of the new visual layer is Zofia Dzierżawska, a well-known and respected illustrator working with publishers in Europe and the United States, awarded by the Society of Illustrators New York, honored at major book fairs.


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Big dreams bring generations together – motto 2024


The 13th edition of the campaign is accompanied by the motto “Big dreams bring generations together”. The Humanites Institute was born out of a dream – to break the bonding crisis and win the loneliness epidemic, to make business human, family and environment friendly.


The #2h4family #HumanBE campaign is aimed at all entities that care that their employees, while achieving company goals, find a sense of meaning and have the space to take care of their well-being. Each year, participants are encouraged to take care of their relationships with family, loved ones, as well as within the organization. The campaign emphasizes the importance of intergenerational exchanges, the quality of interpersonal relationships and taking care of mental health, because healthy, warm and loving relationships not only positively affect our mental and physical health, but also shape us as people and society. We have one life in many roles, a happy person is also an energetic, and engaged worker! The #HumanBe outreach shows that micro-change can have a macro effect.


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The new ESG regulations place a very strong emphasis on responsibility – including social responsibility of business. HumanBE/2h4family is a ready-to-implement project in the area of sustainable development. We have been successfully specializing in systemic projects for business in the area of social capital for more than a dozen years. More and more companies are building on this competitive advantage not only in terms of image, but also in terms of investors, for whom the consistency of a given company’s ESG strategy is becoming an increasingly important decision criterion.


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