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The campaign “HumanBE – Two Hours for Family/Humanity” was created in 2012 in response to global challenges looked at by the Humanites Institute: the crisis of connectedness, increasing human loneliness in an increasingly technicized world, and the epidemic of depression.

In creating the #2h4family action, we also kept in mind the needs of Employers: to engage and retain talent in companies, create healthy workplaces and improve business efficiency by taking into account individual employee needs.

The #2h4family #HumanBE campaign is aimed at all entities that employ people and care that the people who make up a company or institution work with a sense of meaning and well-being. Participants are encouraged to take care of relationships within the family and with loved ones, as well as within the company.

Why be a Partner:

– so far 3,000 companies from 59 countries around the world have been involved in the action, 3,000,000 employees are beneficiaries,

– every year around the action we bring together the largest Polish and international companies and organizations, we reach thousands of people from top management and HR of companies;

– thanks to the formula of the action, it is easy to implement both in small, few-person companies and companies employing thousands of people;

– Target groups: B2B – Employers (business, organizations), Employees and their relatives,

first such campaign in Poland – recognition, reach (reaching o>12 million people/ including 3 million employees) and good image of the campaign in B2B and B2C;

celebrities in the campaign, including Stanisława Celinska, Kamil Stoch, Roma Gąsiorowska, Andrzej Seweryn, Stanislaw Sojka;

– reporting of the Partnership in the ESG report (the action corresponds to the “Social” component).

Two parallel pandemics

A unique initiative, the only one of its kind in Poland:

– this is the first Polish wellbeing campaign for Employers – this year we will organize the 13th edition;
– is a 1.8 million PLN advertising equivalent campaign (measured by 40 days of duration) in 2023 alone;
– through the media and employers, we are building a large reach: we are communicating to millions of people the importance of caring for relationships, the quality of which affects well-being, well-being both in private life and at work;- by reaching individual companies and individuals with communication (micro scale) we have been generating a change in work culture for several years, but also a positive impact on society as a whole (macro scale).

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Where Partner information will appear:

– In all communications: press materials, web, social channels, banner campaigns, materials of selected partners;

– direct mailings (B2B) to companies and organizations, with communication materials, activities such as contests, in which whole companies are involved – Management, HR, Employees;

– information about the Partner will also appear at a conference with the participation of business, our event dedicated to the action includes.

– thematic panel with the participation of experts and business, the title of the last panel: “Fighting for talent and employee well-being in the age of AI”,

– the award ceremony for the annual “Campaign Implementation Competition for Companies.”

– networking,

– link to information about the last event – CLICK HERE


Partners of past editions:

Bibby Financial Services, Dell Technologies Poland, Wirtualna Polska Group, Orange, Kross, Storck, Cerrad, LeaderSHE, Foundation of Business Women Leaders, Great Place to Work, Reputation Managers, Saint Gobain Poland, Think Tank Magazine, Librus

Loneliness among children, teens and young adults is now a phenomenon of such concern that it is becoming prominent in the public debate.



About us:

Humanites Institute – Human and Technology is a think&do tank for the development of social and human capital. For more than a dozen years we have specialized in systemic projects for business in the area of social capital.

Our projects not only have the image of social innovation, but also perfectly combine the philosophy embodied in ESG regulations of systemic, long-term thinking from the perspective of multiple stakeholders. These are projects and studies with great, quantifiable social impact and a wide range of topics. A summary of our foundation’s projects can be found HERE.

The Humanites Institute has received numerous awards – including the President’s Award for the Common Good, Innovation in Business, and Forbes Editor’s Responsible Capital.

Do you want to become a Partner?

Contact: Katarzyna Lorenz / Director of Communications and PR Institute Humanites – Man and Technology
phone: +48 505 017 957


Partnership is not only financial support for a campaign that both in Poland and globally draws attention to today’s social needs, well-being and work culture in organizations. It is also a Partner’s presence in all our B2B and B2C communications.