How to celebrate the International Day of Families?

Let’s reminisce together!

  • What did you most enjoy playing with your parents or grandparents when you were little?
  • Think back together with your family. What was the first party you went to – talk about the circumstances of its organization, who was there, what you did?
  • Everyone has a favorite song – what is the favorite song of children and parents? And grandparents?
    A unique delicacy from childhood – what was it? And what was the most delicious thing for your parents and grandparents?
  • Talk about friends: who was your first best friend? Ask family members about their friends from years past.
  • Talk about what animals have accompanied you since you were little: what was the name of mom’s favorite childhood puppy, or maybe a family member was once chased by a rooster?
  • What was an iconic item that you dreamed of? Was it a gadget or maybe a piece of clothing?
  • Do you know what the happiest day in the lives of your grandparents/parents/children was?
  • What did your parents wear? And your grandparents? What was in vogue then, and what is now?

Talk about your school years:

  • What is/was your favorite subject at school, and why? How do your parents/grandparents/siblings remember school?
  • Think about who had the strictest teacher; what subject did they teach?
  • What did you play during breaks at school?
  • What were your school trips like? Tell your children about it.
  • Worst day at school. What was the best day? – Tell each other about these situations.

Laugh together!

  • Tell each other what the best/funniest prank you ever pulled on someone was?
  • What was the strangest thing you have ever eaten? – share these stories with your relatives!
  • Ask family members: what is their funniest childhood memory?
  • And if you had a chance to meet your ancestors, what would you like to ask them, what would you like to tell them?
  • Have you ever made a culinary mistake? Tell your friends and family about it.
  • Do you remember the mischief of your family’s puppy or funny places where the cat liked to sleep? Or maybe there are other stories about mischievous pets in your family? Please share them!
  • Ask family members reliably makes them smile? Try to make them laugh.

Reflections and dreams:

  • Be a happy, fulfilled person – talk about this with your loved ones – what does this mean to them?
  • Tell yourselves – what are you most grateful for?
    Talk about whether you prefer to have everything planned or to act spontaneously?
  • Have you had a failure/setback that worked out for the best? – Share it with your loved ones.
  • Do you still dream? What dreams do you have now? Ask your parents/grandparents about this.
    Talk about your dream vacation. Have you been able to have such a vacation?

This year, let’s be together on May 15, not “side by side”!

  • Let this day become a day to reflect on the quality of our relationships with our loved ones.
  • Let’s stop for a moment and look at ourselves and our families.
  • Let’s ask ourselves: When did I last learn something new about my loved ones? When did we last do something together?

We invite you to the Family Game: ASK ME!
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Many of us cried along with Simba when he lost his dad, or we burst out laughing at family screenings of such family “classics” as “Where’s Nemo” and “Lessi.” Some of us remember the Pankracy Fridays or Rademenes, the black cat who granted wishes. Check it out here: “Recommended Movies.”