Senior Policy is, in our view, crucial.

As the Humanites Institute, we have been saying for years that one of the necessary keys to a successful future for society is intergenerational sharing.

We emphasize the role of relationships with loved ones, we reward companies that support their employees in caring for seniors, and we warn – we are an increasingly older population. Senior policy, in our view, is crucial. That’s why we welcomed the idea of the minister responsible for it to introduce the institution of a senior voucher in Poland.


Realizing how crucial a turn toward intergenerationalism is for the future of all of us, we established the Two Hours for Family | for Humanity movement at the Humanites Institute. One of our goals was to redress the balance in the labor market – to alert business to the fact that it is in its best interest to take care of good relationships not only between employees, but also those in their private lives.

The program of the #2h4family action, which is a key element of the movement, has always been geared toward intergenerational exchange. We have emphasized, and continue to emphasize, that relationships with significant seniors – our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, but also the distant aunt or neighbor from the floor below – are crucial to our society sitting on a demographic bomb. We are extremely pleased with the first swallow that proclaims that our demands can be turned into systemic solutions.

What is a senior voucher? Who will it benefit?

The senior voucher is intended to benefit seniors who have partially or completely lost their independence and require support. The idea is that it should relieve the burden on the caregivers of seniors (in Poland it is usually daughters) in covering at least part of the costs of such care.

Let’s remember that the aforementioned costs are not so much the purchase of medicines or hygiene products, but the invisible, unpaid, often round-the-clock work. The idea of the senior voucher takes this issue into account, as it assumes that it will be possible to cover the costs of assistant services with its help. This will allow existing seniors’ caregivers to return to the job market.

Who will be eligible? So far, there is talk of an age criterion, without the need for a disability certificate. The senior citizen voucher is to be granted to people aged 75+. Its award and amount will be decided by employees of social welfare centers, but the maximum amount is 50% of the minimum wage (so, for example, in February 2024 the voucher would be worth PLN 2121 gross).

The organizer of the “2h4family 2h4human” intergenerational campaign to bring people together is the Humanites Institute – Man and Technology , which has been working for sustainable development of social capital since 2010. The mission of the Humanites Institute is an informed, happy, cognitively open, proactive and socially sensitive human being.