Humanites Institute Responds to CSRD directive on ESG issue

For more than a dozen years, we have successfully specialized in systemic projects for business in the area of social capital.

As of 2024, the scope of companies that will be required to report their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) activities is expanding. Humanites Institute’s activities respond to the middle component – Social. It includes activities to build healthy, happy and well-functioning societies.

Fill in the content of your ESG policy with us!

Decision-makers at the European level are increasingly convinced that without a responsible, strong business that supports positive change, tackling the world’s most pressing ills, such as the specter of climate catastrophe, the threat of epidemics, inequality or international conflict, is impossible. Hence the increasingly bold decisions to expand the scope of companies that must report their impact on society, nature and corporate governance.

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At the Humanites Institute, we believe that business is an invaluable force of social influence. While the European Union has tools in the form of directives to comply with, we have been coming out with viable proposals for change for more than a dozen years now that you can get involved in. Above all, because these are changes for the better, worthy of support by prudence-driven business.

Sustainability, or briefly about CSRD

CSRD stands for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which translates to Polish as Sustainability Reporting Directive. It extends the NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directing), which has been in place since 2017, which imposed an obligation to report ESG activities on companies with more than 500 employees. Beginning in 2024, the obligation will gradually expand to all companies with at least two of these three criteria:

  • they employ more than 250 people,
  • their total assets exceed 20 million euros,
  • their revenue exceeds 40 million euros.

It is estimated that while so far the number of Polish entities obliged to report their corporate social responsibility activities was 12,000, after the introduction of the new directive it will increase to 50,000.

And although not all of them will be subject to this obligation as of January 1, 2024, since, as we wrote, the new law will be implemented gradually, it is better to prepare an ESG strategy in advance.

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Humanites Institute supports companies in adapting to the new law

As already mentioned, we at the Humanites Institute also recognize, as does the European Union, that business has a huge job to do in terms of joining the work of building the societies of the future. The measures we propose will not only help expediently report a company’s contribution to the pursuit of sustainable development, but will also bring many long-term benefits to the company, including: an increase in commitment and sense of purpose among employees, a measurable impact on the shape and condition of society, as well as support in building the image of a responsible and worthwhile company.

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We invite you to take a look at our proposals and join the Great Social Change we aspire to see in the world, so we strive to be one ourselves. Fill your sustainability policy with content with us!

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Two Hours for the Family | for the Human

#2h4family started 13 years ago as a campaign to draw business attention to the importance of factors such as employee well-being and the bonds they build with other people: both in the workplace and privately. Over the years of its existence, the Action has grown into a Global Social Movement for proximity, changing work culture and life culture. Some 2,000 entities from 59 countries around the world have participated so far.

Companies that have decided to join the Movement have one responsibility – to draw the attention of their male and female employees to the importance of human ties to the lives of individuals and societies. They are also encouraged to give their employees two hours of free time to spend with their loved ones around May 15, which the UN has designated as International Day of Families. However, companies do much more as part of the campaign – they organize events, picnics or training sessions for their employees with their families, using materials we provide year after year.

The aim of the campaign is to counter loneliness, the epidemic of depression and the crisis of ties, which in a post-pandemic world gripped by war, economic crisis and the specter of climate catastrophe are giving societies a hard time. Our intention is also to take care of the social change that was orphaned during the reformulation of the Polish economy in the 1990s, as well as the effects of the technological revolution and the development of AI that is currently taking place. 

Want to know how you can become part of the action we are organizing? Take a look HERE

Leadership Academy for Educational Leaders

APLO is an innovative educational leadership development program for principals and directors of educational institutions. By joining the program, educational leaders have the opportunity to learn from the most prominent business representatives and learn about tools that have been successfully used by top companies and corporations for decades. This is the first program in Poland aimed at this particular group of stakeholders, which has contributed to systemic change in the field of education.

At the Humanites Institute, we realize that education is a key element in bringing about social change, and we are working to bridge the gap that has hitherto existed between education and business reality. Supporting APLO is not only an opportunity for the company to fulfill the obligation imposed by the CSRD, but also a long-term investment in an enlightened society and future employees and workers.

Want to find out how you can support APLO? Learn more HERE.

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Research activities

In order to manage social change wisely, we need not only good intentions and a willingness to act, but also, and perhaps most importantly, knowledge of what initial conditions we are starting in. That’s why the Humanites Institute has been studying reality, mainly the labor market, for years, allowing it to draw conclusions from the business environment about what actions are necessary.

Among the reports we produce are #WELLBEING Good Employer Practices, in which we look at what solutions companies are putting in place to improve employee well-being and productivity. For years, we have also been looking at what business has to offer families, and we publish our findings in the WELL-WORKING Business Family Responsibility report. In addition, we track the latest trends and report on them in our Barriers and Trends reports. Technology Transformation of Companies in Poland.

Want to support our research activities? You can find information about our activities including all publications HERE.

Center for Ethics in Technology

CET is a think&do tank established by the Humanites Institute that advocates for human and world-friendly technological innovations. We advocate for the responsible design of technologies, create a space for debate on their ethical aspects, encourage critical reflection on the narratives surrounding them, and work for responsible legislation on them. We want all innovations to benefit individuals and societies, so we promote the integration and cooperation of different communities in their creation, opposing siloed approaches.

Want to support CET? Learn more about exactly what we do HERE.

The conference “Cohesive Leadership™. People and Technology”

The conference “Cohesive Leadership™. Man and Technology” is a one-of-a-kind, event designed for business leaders: entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors and top managers. The goal of the Conference is to support the development of leaders in 4 areas: emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical, so that they are prepared for the challenges of the modern world and are able to use their skills and influence wisely and effectively. The thematic axis of the Conference is humanity and technology, including its changes and impact on humans, society and the planet, the Humanites Institute looks at the phenomena associated with the exponentially advancing technological revolution and its effects. The event features numerous meetings with male and female experts from a wide variety of fields: philosophy, psychology, sociology, technology, including: space, artificial intelligence, communications, IT, manufacturing, process, etc., education, ethics, physics, management and culture. The reflections and inspirations from the Conference accompany the participants throughout the year and are an invaluable support. We publish the conclusions developed at the event every year in summary reports.

The 10th edition of the Conference was held in March 2023.

Want to support the holistic development of leaders and leadership in Poland? Read why you should HERE.

Family Friendly Company / Human Friendly Company Competition

The Family Friendly Company / Human Friendly Company Competition (Family & Human Wellbeing AWARD) is a unique project that rewards employers for strategically and systemically building smart wellbeing policies that take into account employees’ professional and private roles. The Competition evaluates solutions used, programs in operation and long-term policies. Participating companies in the Competition, go through a comprehensive evaluation process, including a questionnaire survey conducted on employees.

Each participating company receives an individual report on the solutions it implements to support the well-being of its employees, along with the results of the employee survey. This gives the Competition Participants a chance to effectively evaluate their existing well-being strategy and develop it.

Do you want to contribute to improving the work culture in Poland, including employee well-being, and support leadership based on respect and empathy for others? Take a look HERE.

We encourage you to create a human-friendly business and humanity-friendly world together with the Humanites Institute!