Conditions of participation 2018

The Humanities Foundation would like to invite everyone to join the 7th edition of the social campaign for strong family relations called the Two Hours For Family. In 2012 our campaign initiated the Polish celebrations of the International Day of Families in Poland.

7th Edition of the Social Campaign
with the main theme

15th May – the International Day of Families – is a perfect opportunity to stop for a while and think what is important to us. Nowadays when the pressure and fast pace of living dictate the conditions, such a moment for reflection may be particularly important. Let us therefore ask ourselves a few questions: When was the last time I found out something new about my family and friends? When was the last time we spend some time together simply enjoying each other’s presence? The idea of strengthening the relationship with our nearest and dearest is the key purpose of the Two Hours For Family campaign. We believe that curiosity, mindfulness and good conversations create beautiful, real bonds and that the indispensable element of that puzzle is time. We would like to encourage you to support your employees in building the relationships with their families and give them the symbolic two hours, which they will be able to devote to some magical moments with their families. The main theme of this year’s campaign is: GAMES AND FUN THROUGH THE GENERATIONS.

At work games are often used for the purposes of team integration and involvement building. This year’s campaign will be a pretext for inviting employees and their families to join the fun, and build their relationships at home and at work. These two places – home and work – are intertwined and strongly affect one another, since we all play multiple roles at the same time.



There is no charge for participation in the Campaign. In order to take part, you should:

  1. Sign up your company at
  2. Pass this information to the relevant department (HR, CSR, etc.).
  3. Send the information to employees, inviting them to celebrate the Day of Families by enjoying a good, intergenerational conversation. Example of a letter to employees.
  4. Reduce your employees’ worktime on 15th May by 2 HOURS or if your company’s operational activity does not allow for it (customer service, continuous production process, etc.) propose a different way of celebrating this occasion in the upcoming days, e.g. combined with the Children’s Day. Last year more than 90% of the companies participating in the campaign gave 2 hours off to their employees. The primary main aim of the campaign is not reducing the working hours on that day – but to inspire you and your employees to spend time on a good conversation, memories, get to know each other, search together for identity of their family as well as strengthen their family ties.
  5. Provide the Foundation with feedback on how your company implemented the TWO HOURS FOR FAMILY campaign, what message it eventually sent to employees, what additional activities, ideas were included in the campaign (e.g. photo competition, chess, checkers, sports tournaments, etc.)
  6. We would like to invite you to join the competition for the most interesting implementation of the Two Hours For Family campaign in a company. The awarded cases will be presented during a meeting summarizing this year’s edition of the Campaign and described at /
  7. Become the Ambassador of the Global Social Movement “TWO HOURS FOR FAMILY”. If your company is a branch/subsidiary of a foreign company or you are a Polish company with subsidiaries abroad, invite them to join the Campaign. Become a part of the international movement for strong family relations.