Daily communication is often based on the exchange of current events, often it does not take into account the name of the deepest feelings and desires. We do not have time to remember and dream together, and often not only time but also context for the conversation, especially when we feel that we are moving away from each other. For example, when to ask an adolescent about dreams when it is already alive in another world? How to ask, to get an answer?

ASK ME game is an opportunity to touch these topics in an original and cheerful way, because … after all, the game is just a game, but is it really only?

We know that your participation in the Two Hours for Family Campain is an expression of broad view of employees and appreciation of their social and family role, not just professional. On the occasion of the International Day of Families, you can give them not only 2 hours, but also this game to inspire and support them in building relationships with loved ones.

We invite all employers to purchase the ASK ME game for their employees on special terms – 5 EURO (net)
For each deck of cards we will join, from our partner Storck, a sweet surprise – a Toffifee box ?

There is also the possibility of individualizing the card box – with the addition of the company logo. Detailed information and orders: Izabela Nienaltowska, +48 501 450 889,

More about the ASK ME game:

The game contains two types of cards: questions and tasks.
The questions make us discover again, we open ourselves, we approach each other. Questions inspire and stimulate. In this game, curiosity dictates the conditions. What inspires my husband? What does my wife feel? What is my son passion? What does the world look like through my daughter’s eyes? What does mom dream about? What does grandpa want in his life? What does grandma miss? What does dad mention from his youth?

Tasks are an invitation to play together, where we experience cooperation and joy, build family relationships, share experience and collect new memories.

ASK ME is a game that relates to the relationship in the family, as well as the personality of each player. It is a game that opens emotionally and focuses on what is good and beautiful. The time we spend to discover how diverse and interesting our family is, will pay off for us to strengthen our relationship and sense of belonging.

Time is one of the most valuable resources, we are constantly missing it, somewhere we are in a hurry, and the most important things are often put off for later, which never comes. We have many roles, duties, interests and other commitments. What to choose? There is no patent to increase the amount of time for the family, but we can take care of its quality.

When making a choice, how we spend time with our loved ones, let us remember that these moments will become a part of one’s memories.

Four-year-olds, teenagers, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Just for the whole family.

To create an atmosphere of closeness, deepen communication and relationship with family, find common interests, talk about dreams, needs, memories. And all this to make us feel loved.


  • Better getting to know each other
  • The development of self-awareness
  • Practicing communication
  • Developing cooperation

By purchasing ASK Me cards, you support the idea of ​​the Two Hours for Family. Revenues obtained from sales support the activities of the Humanites Foundation (