Join #2h4family: it's very easy!

Print form “A”, attach to it 3 photos and shoe sizes of all employed, bring to window “C”… STOP 😉 Joining the #2h4family campaign is, fortunately, very easy 😊

Join us!


  • FIRSTInform the Board of Directors, Departments: HR, CSR, ESG and register your company by May 15 , by completing out this form.


  • SECONDOn May 15, encourage Employees to spend time together with their families. .Inspire them: take ready-to-use materials from our website, you can find them here.


  • THIRDgive the people in your Team two hours off to spend time with their families. This is not obligatory, but more than 90% of participating companies do it. We suggest doing it around May 15 on International Day of Families. While the choice is yours, equally good dates are “Children’s Day”, the First Day of School. You can also arrange with each person separately when they will receive their #2h4family.


  • FOURTH – Celebrate around May 15! Create rituals of closeness to be closer at home and at work! Prepare team-building activities for your Team, design them to be inclusive for Employee Families as well. You can find inspiration and ready-made ideas here and here.

    And that’s the END!

The rest of the program points are optional, though highly encouraged! 


  • PO FIFTH – encourage your Team to participate in our competitions with prizes. Information about them coming soon here and here.


  • SIXTH – give us a report on how your Company celebrated 2h4family. We will award the most interesting realizations! See last year’s winners of the competition for the implementation of the Two Hours for Family | for Human campaign: here. 


  • SEVENTH – invite partners, contractors foreign branches of the company to join the campaign. In this way you will become an Ambassador of #2h4family!


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Join us and build with us a Creative Impact and Positive Change in the Style of Work and Life! To be together, not apart at home and at work!


Do you know that companies from 59 countries are participating in the #24family campaign? This means that our campaign is celebrated in every third country in the world! Thousands of companies, that is, millions of employees with their families, take part in the campaign.

Prefer a tip on how to prepare the action in a picture version? Here it is:

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See how we celebrated the global success of our campaign in September 2022 with the business community: here.