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Big dreams bring generations together

Everything great that human beings have created first lived in their dreams. If it weren’t for them, there would probably be no pyramids, no electricity, no steam engine, no wars and no artificial intelligence. Great dreams can be both wonderful and terrifying. But there is no denying that they are the engine of human reality. The great power of dreams is that they connect people, generations and worlds.

First there is the dream, then the first domino cube falls

Mahatma Ghandi said the famous phrase “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” As we know from history, he was quite successful in promoting pacifism as a means of social pressure. The dream of overcoming the evils of this world with kindness and love sounds utopian, yet he succeeded. Every emancipator and every revolutionary, every outstanding researcher and every great inventor, always have a dream at the beginning: of a just world, of understanding how it works, of breaking human limitations.

The Humanites Institute was also born out of a dream – to break the crisis of ties and win against the epidemic of loneliness, to make business friendly to people, families and the environment. In the steps we take to realize this dream, we are inspired by the lives and attitudes of important figures from the past and the observation of everyday heroes; we use their experiences to influence our reality in the wisest way possible.


It is this very slogan that will guide the next, happily thirteenth edition of the Two Hours for Family / For Man campaign in 2024. We thank the winner of the #2h4family theme contest, Ms. Grażyna Mierzejewska, for creating this beautiful phrase.

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And what is your shared dream?

In many companies and organizations, workshops are held to help supervisors and the team define the mission and vision of the institution. This is done both to define the purpose of the company and to find meaning in daily work, but also to be able to effectively tell the whole world about the organization and its activities.


Although dreams and mission and vision are not the same concepts, they consist of the same essence: what you want for yourself and the world. As an individual, as a company.

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Join #2h4family: it’s very easy!


  • FIRST – Inform the Board of Directors, Departments: HR, CSR, ESG and register your company by May 15 , by completing out this form.


  • SECOND – On May 15, encourage Employees to spend time together with their familiesInspire them: take ready-to-use materials from our website, you can find them here.


  • THIRD – give the people in your Team two hours off to spend time with their families. This is not obligatory, but more than 90% of participating companies do it. We suggest doing it around May 15 on International Day of Families. While the choice is yours, equally good dates are June 1, September 1 and others. You can also arrange with each person separately when they will receive their #2h4family.


  • FOURTH – Celebrate around May 15! Create rituals of closeness to be closer at home and at work! Prepare team-building activities for your Team, design them to be inclusive for Employee Families as well.

And that’s the END!


The rest of the program points are optional, though highly encouraged!


  • PO FIFTH – encourage your Team to participate in our competitions with prizes. We will publish information about them soon!


  • SIXTH – give us a report on how your Company celebrated 2h4family. We will award the most interesting realizations! See last year’s winners of the competition for the implementation of the Two Hours for Family | for Human campaign: here.


  • SEVENTH – invite partners, contractors foreign branches of the company to join the campaign. In this way you will become an Ambassador of #2h4family!

Join us and create a Great Social Change of work culture and lifestyle together! To be together, not side by side at home and at work!

Did you know that companies from 59 countries are participating in the #24family campaign? This means that our campaign is celebrated in every third country in the world! Thousands of companies, or millions of male and female employees, along with their families, take part in the campaign.

2h4family is also an annual meeting with business. Employers – leaders and pioneers of the Great Social Change of work culture and lifestyle – are gathered around the “Two Hours for Family | for Human” campaign. See how we celebrated the successes of #2h4family #2h4human among business.

Information materials:

Wellbeing conference for business 2022
Wellbeing conference for business 2023


How to celebrate

We are facing great challenges today: climate catastrophe, socioeconomic inequality, wars. Technological advances, the result of the work of many dreamers and dreamers, may be the answer to many of the aforementioned challenges. But how do we adapt technology to serve us? What is technology unable to replace?


We are hearing more and more about new applications for artificial intelligence. Logistics, manufacturing, transportation, copywriting, marketing are just a selection of industries in which this technology is increasingly used. But are there areas where humans are irreplaceable?

The most important of these seems to be relationships. They are the ones that, despite the many tools that facilitate communication, are the area where we are the center. Relationships will always depend predominantly on us, on our desires, involvement, experiences.

The second aspect, which from our perspective is also extremely important, is what at the level of the company or organization we call mission and vision, and at the level of the individual – dreams. The key word here is desire, or the deep desire for something, both for oneself and for others. Desire is the inner power that pushes us to realize our dreams.

These two aspects of humanity came together this year in the 13th edition of the #2h4family action .

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Big dreams bring generations together!

A frank conversation about dreams can be a great starting point for building and deepening relationships. Below we give you some inspiration on how to approach this topic with your loved ones.

  • Ask your loved ones what their biggest, however small, dream is at the moment. To eat an apple pie like Grandma makes? Take a walk in the mountains? Watch the sunrise?  Later, you will realize your little dreams together!
  • What did you dream about as children? What do your children or loved ones dream about? Talk about your dreams and how they are affected by the times you live in.
  • Draw a map of the World of Your Dreams together with your loved ones. What can’t be missing on it?
  • Find out, secretly, what are the dreams of those closest to you. If you are able to realize any of them, surprise them!

We all dream. Some of us about an empathetic and just world, others about a big serving of ice cream. Many of our dreams are shared with other people. If you find that you and your loved ones have similar dreams, realizing them can be a great opportunity to spend time together. Try to dream together on May 15, International Day of Families. And best of all – share your dreams with each other regularly. You’ll see for yourself how great it is for the quality of life.


How to start a good conversation? 

Talk about your dreams and passions:

  • What superpower would you like to wake up with tomorrow?
  • Do you have a common family passion? Has it been in your family for generations?
  • Do you know your grandfather’s passion from your childhood?
  • What did your grandmother collect when she was in elementary school? Or do you passionately collect any items?
  • What do you think the phrase “to infect with passion” means? Do you know people who infect you with passion (at school, at work)? Or are you able to infect yourself? Tell us what it takes to infect people with passion.
  • A joyful party for many people, or a quiet conversation until the morning with a person close to you? Justify your choice.
  • What would you ask a goldfish to do? How about your mother? Ask your loved ones about their passions and dreams!
    Zdjęcie na środku

    ASK ME – created by the Humanites Institute, this game contains cards with sets of questions that will help you get to know your family or group of friends better. Do you think you know everything about them? And do you know what cartoon character is the most inspiring to your Mom, what it means to your Dad to be a happy and fulfilled person, what life failure turned out well for your Grandmother? Reach for the ASK ME cards and discover the secrets of the people you think you know very well!

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Once the excitement has subsided, outside of the immense joy that the project “participation of our company/organization in the #2h4family action” got the green light, some concerns may begin to emerge. What should we prepare? Where to look for ideas? How do we even go about it?


Don’t worry. The Humanites Institute is coming to you with a handful of inspiration and supporting materials. And also – with a prize for the company whose implementation of the action will appeal most to us.


2024 motto: “Big dreams unite generations.”

Probably there is no more pleasant matter for creative animation than human dreams! Surely your Team at the very sound of this word has a thousand ideas for collective activities. But if you could use some extra inspiration to stimulate your collective imagination, we’re tossing out a handful of ideas:

  • Choose some care facility in your area. Go there for a visit and find out what the wards dream about. Then try to make their dream come true!
  • Organize a contest related to the dreams of the employed people <3
  • Prepare a family field game around this theme.
  • Organize a cooking workshop under the theme “Make your culinary dreams come true”.

And remember – The Sky is The Limit!


Inspiration from earlier editions

The most common activity chosen by companies as part of the Two Hours for Family / Human action are contests with attractive prizes. For example:

  • during the edition whose motto was “Our pets and shared moments,” the company held a contest for children of female employees for an artwork depicting an animal pet,
  • during an edition whose motto was “Generational Movie Club,” another company organized an art contest for children to create an image of their favorite movie hero.

You can find more inspiration HERE.


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  • During the edition under the slogan: “Small and big family trips”? – Awards were given to those who designed their own postcards from their favorite places in Poland.
  • In turn, the “Generational Film Club”? – Encouraged family competition for dishes inspired by favorite movies!

The prizes were corporate gadgets, and if the budget allowed – gifts that prompted joint family activities – tickets to the aquapark, cinema or amusement park.

An excellent prize would also be the ASK ME cards created by the Humanites Institute!

Download the presentation


THAT will certainly come in handy for you:

As you embark on the “Two Hours for Family / Human” campaign, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Below you’ll find materials that are sure to come in handy as you create your own version of our shared adventure.


First – quotes about dreams of famous, wise, famous people:

For your channels, social media, for contests and other activities:

  1. Dreams always conquer reality when you let them – Stanislaw Lem
  2. Making others happy is the dream of happy people – Phil Bosmans
  3. “Dreams are the engine that drives our lives, they are the impetus that helps us grow up, try, fail, make mistakes, try again, fail again, but still be happy. There is no person without dreams, small or big, just as there is no dream that cannot be fulfilled. We are all capable of great things if we believe in ourselves.” – Lodovica Comello
  4. ” – What does it take to make one’s dreams come true? Money? Luck? – Courage, my love. Above all, courage.” – Katarzyna Michalak
  5. “Sometimes the most important thing is not to fulfill your dreams, but to persistently fight for them.” – Sylwia Blach
  6. “Acting from the heart is the greatest engine for making dreams come true. – Dora Rosłońska
  7. “Nothing creates the future like dreams.” – Victor Hugo
  8. “Dreams are a necessary complement to reality, they help not only to bear it, but also to improve it. Without dreams there is no progress. To dream is to set goals. It is to overcome immobility, to reject the status quo.” – Angele Lieby
  9. “The only thing that limits us in achieving our dreams is our own imagination. Success is the result of hard work, patience, humility and the belief that everything in life is possible.” – Martyna Wojciechowska
  10. „Reality is made of the same yearn as dreams.” – Władysław Stanisław Reymont
  11. „You are never too old to set a new goal or have a new dream”– C.S. Lewis

We also have something especially for your Team!

You may, of course, enter the program with caution. We understand and respect that! However, we encourage you to do it with a nudge. Every year we reward the team that has put the most heart into the action! More information from last year can be found here: “Awards Gala of the 2023 Action Implementation Contest”. And we will announce a new contest in May 2024.

Do you like it?

You can recommend us further. Encourage your friends from other companies to join #2h4family, send a Letter to Employers. Introduce your decision-makers to the possibility of becoming our Partner: cooperation options.

Become an Ambassador of #2h4family #2h4human – cooperation offer and information on how to join in English.

Please contact us by email: katarzyna.lorenz(at)humanites.pl

Do you need hard data to convince decision-makers at your company that it’s worth looking at the mental well-being of the people you employ? Here they are:

  • 54 percent of male and female employees are considering changing jobs in the near future.
  • Only 20 percent of male and female employees think their supervisor is a role model.
  • During the pandemic, probably as a result of the pro-worker changes forced by its emergence, the negative assessment of well-being in the work environment dropped from 63 percent to 36 percent.
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Want to know more?

Download the abbreviated Well-Working 2022 report.

Download the full Well-Working 2022 report.


ASK ME, about the power of good question

Each year we prepare a new deck of ASK ME cards for you, inspired by the campaign’s motto. The game involves asking each other questions we have prepared to encourage conversation and facilitate relationship building. ASK ME cards are an extraordinary game in which everyone wins.

Soon this year’s deck will be available in our online store. For now, you can order decks from previous editions for your team.

Zdjęcie na środku

ASK ME cards contain unconventional questions that you may never have asked your Family and Friends. However, the answers may surprise you greatly. It’s a tool for cross-generational integration at home and at work!

  • What memories do you have of your first ever private party?
  • What is your favorite song? How about your grandmother’s song?
  • What was the name of the first pet you took care of??

These are just examples of questions that teach you curiosity, cooperation, listening. You will find more in ASK ME boxes, which are not only a great way to spend time together, but also an ideal gift for your Employees.

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Why should you gift ASK Me cards?

  • because it’s a great way to thank your company’s employees for their commitment and work,
  • because it’s a gift that will benefit the whole family of your employee(s),
  • because the game facilitates integration and brings a smile to your face,
  • because the cards are a great idea for a meeting or a company integration trip
  • is an interesting gift for your partners and customers.


How many pieces do I need?

We encourage you to order cards of several – a dozen pieces for your company to give as gifts to your employees. Some companies buy cards for all employees.


How many pieces do I need?

We encourage you to order cards of several – a dozen pieces for your company to give as gifts to your employees. Some companies buy cards for all employees.


English edition / Language versions 

The cards come in an English edition. Give them to your English-speaking employees, offer the game to your company’s foreign branch, or use them to communicate in English or teach English to your family.

Watch the movie how to play:


When you go to #HumanBE & #2h4family, you have access to ready-made graphics and texts for communication with employees and outside the company: for the media and the company’s contractors.

Take and use: press release, graphic materials with the theme of this year’s Campaign, social media graphics and content for employee emails. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for your celebration of this year’s Two Hours for Family, for Humanity campaign!!! 🙂

Press release: download file

The content of the letters, that is, all the texts you need for internal and external communication:

Pictures and graphics for you:

Read more about the new illustrations.


Press Information #2024 – soon! Be tuned 🙂


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We have collected for you the AWARDED PRACTICES OF OTHER COMPANIES
Learn how small, medium and large companies celebrate #2h4family, ideas, events, activities – DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION and good_practices_final_2023.pptx get inspired!


Did you like our campaign?

Join the ranks of our Ambassadors and Partners – welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Action Coordinator:

Katarzyna Lorenz

+48 505 017 957


The Two Hours for Family | Human movement is not the only venture of the Humanites Institute? Among our activities, you will also find an unconventional conference for women and business leaders, “Cohesive Leadership. Man and Technology.” Last year’s was devoted to quantum technologies and the issue of humanity. Want to know more? Download the report of the 9th Conference “Cohesive Leadership. Man and Technology”.




#2h4family to sprawdzony od 11 lat pomysł Humanites, na zbliżanie ludzi w pracy i w rodzinach, budujący wysoką kulturę pracy i zaangażowania. To propagowanie kultury dobrostanu, w której biznes realizuje swoje cele, a ludzie odnajdują sens!

15 maja – Międzynarodowy Dzień Rodzin – to doskonała okazja, aby na chwilę zatrzymać się i zastanowić, kiedy po raz ostatni dowiedzieliście się czegoś nowego o swoich bliskich. Taka idea przyświeca globalnemu ruchowi społecznemu Dwie Godziny dla Rodziny. Głęboko wierzymy w to, że ciekawość, uważność i dobre rozmowy są tym, co tworzy prawdziwe, autentyczne więzi. Zachęcamy więc Was, abyście wsparli w tym Waszych pracowników i podarowali im symboliczne dwie godziny, które oni przeznaczą na magiczny czas z najbliższymi.

Oto jak się włączyć w naszą akcję:

  • Zarejestrujcie firmę, do 15 maja: Formularz rejestracji
  • Skrócenie dnia pracy o symboliczne „Dwie Godziny”. Zastanówcie się nad podarowaniem tych dwóch godzin 15 maja lub w innym korespondującym z tą datą terminie. To nie jest obowiązkowe, choć 90% pracodawców skraca ten dzień. Wiele firm przekłada celebrowanie przysłowiowych 2 godzin na inne „rodzinne” dni, są to to na przykład: 1 września albo 1 czerwca. Często też inny „elastyczny” termin wynika ze specyfiki działania organizacji.
  • Namówcie Wasz Zespół do spędzenia tego czasu z bliskimi i to najlepiej międzypokoleniowo! Głównym celem #2h4family jest zainspirowanie Państwa i Państwa pracowników, aby ten dzień zadedykować dobrej rozmowie, wspomnieniom, poznawaniu się czy wspólnym poszukiwaniu tożsamości swojej Rodziny. Ten czas służy wzmacnianiu międzypokoleniowych więzi w rodzinach, w środowisku pracy, w naszym najbliższym społecznym otoczeniu.
  • Skorzystajcie z gotowych inspiracji, pomysłów i materiałów w zakładkach: Do pobrania, Jak celebrować.
  • Prześlijcie nam informację o sposobie realizacji kampanii w Waszej firmie: zdjęcia, przykłady pomysłów i aktywności, którymi Państwo wzbogaciliście świętowanie.

W ten sposób Wy, jako Pracodawca, Dział HR wspieracie pracowników w łączeniu ról zawodowych i prywatnych: budując kulturę, w której zatrudniamy człowieka, widząc go niego holistycznie, a nie tylko jako pracownika.

Dodatkowe elementy akcji #2h4Family to:

  • Udział w konkursach: dla Pracodawców i Pracowników – będą ogłaszane na stronie i na naszych kanałach w mediach społecznych: FB 2h4family, FB undacjahumanites
  • Zakup kart ASKME – to rodzinna lub zespołowa zabawa, w której doświadczamy współpracy i radości. Budujemy relacje i dzielimy się doświadczeniem. Pytania sprawiają, że odkrywamy na nowo, otwieramy się, zbliżamy się do siebie. Karty inspirują do ciekawych rozmów.
    Karty są „cegiełkami” na kolejną edycję akcji

Jesteśmy dumni, że na przestrzeni ostatnich lat nasze działania wsparło wiele znakomitych osobowości. W naszą akcję zaangażowali się między innymi: Andrzej Seweryn, Roma Gąsiorowska, i Kamil Stoch, Stanisław Sojka, Profesor Jerzy Bralczyk czy niezwykła DJ Wika. Ze wzruszeniem wspominamy także wsparcie, którego nam udzielił kilka lat temu Pan Zbigniew Wodecki.

Akcja Dwie Godziny dla Rodziny jest bardzo ceniona przez pracowników! pojawia się w top 10 benefitów wskazywanych w ogólnopolskich badaniach satysfakcji pracowników. Kampania nie tylko wzmacnia rodziny i zespoły w firmach, ma także pozytywny wpływ na zdrowie psychiczne i emocjonalne ludzi, a w efekcie działa na całe społeczeństwo.

W ostatnich latach #2h4family zmienia się w Globalny Ruch Społeczny na Rzecz Bliskości! Uczestniczy w niej już ponad milion pracowników, 1100 firm z 18 krajów.